Comment Tracking System

The comments system now includes a tracking system to handle issues, questions, and suggestions. When commenting you have the option to tag the comment so it gets addressed.

Issues: This covers any problems with the kata that need to be fixed. It can be an unclear description, missing test cases, or faulty code. When created this tag knows to notify the author immediately so that the fix can be made. During beta this is critical to the approval process. If the kata's already approved issues will be flags to moderators that a kata needs to be addressed. Once an author or moderator has fixed a specific issue, they then can mark it complete so that the community know it's been resolved.

Questions: This tag is for any questions that users may have while completing the kata. It can be used to get help or advice on a specific part of the kata, as well as to overcome difficult areas. Through this tag questions are sent to the community so they can mentor and provide guidance. After the question has been suffiently responded it can then be marked as answered.

Suggestions: Oftentimes users have ideas and feedback on how to further improve a kata, and expand upon the lesson being taught. These constructive advice often provides for more robust challenges, that provide a better experience. These suggestions will stay open for others to vote on and discuss the merits of until a author/moderator decides it should be implemented.

With each of these tags, the comments systems grows into a more robust way to test and iterate on each kata. It creates a simple, unified system for experienced and advanced users, and the kata author, to discuss the content and collaborate on each kata.