Solutions Tag Voting

We just launched tagged voting on kata solutions - now you can mark your favorite solutions for each kata as "best practices" or "clever."

To ensure the best solutions for each kata float to the top, we've separated out the voting to focus on specific types of solutions.

Best Practices are the solutions that you would want to see in your own project. They are readable, follow best practices, and create easily maintainable code. If you were diving into a codebase for the first time, these solutions would be your best friend.

Clever solutions cover a range of interesting and unique approaches to the kata. These don't have to be practical, though they deserve commendation for creativity. This could be code that uses awesome ASCII art, codegolfs the solution down to a few characters, or solves it in a way no one else thought of.

This feature is to empower the community to decide which solution is the best, and not just the shortest. As the list of completed solutions grows larger, and quality range varies, we want you to use the criteria that matters the most to you. With this new system when you complete a kata you will see code you like the most.