Announcing the Codewars Codex!

As a quick update we wanted to let you know of a new resource that is available. One of our top users, bkaes, has been working on a Codewars Codex for some time now. A new version was recently released and we wanted to let the entire community know about it. If you are interested in creating kata for Codewars, this is a must read. The codex provides tons of advice and helpful insights into the kata creation process.

Codewars is a community driven platform. From content creation to moderation, the community has become a vibrant group of developers who have taken it upon themselves to contribute to the greater good. We would like to thank bkaes and all of the other Codewars Senseis who have contributed.

Now go check out the Codex! After reading it please feel free to discuss it in the Codex Gitter Room.