Updates from the past year

For the past few years, we had been focused on internal changes that were required to fix critical bugs and performance issues. We've been aware of the various problems of the platform, including issues reported by the community, but it was necessary for us to prioritize technical debt issues first. We're happy to announce that Codewars is now in a much better shape! Thank you for your patience.

We started to focus more on the community aspect since the summer of 2020 and have some exciting announcements to make. In this post, we'll highlight the updates from the past year and explain our plan for the early 2021.

New blog

Some of you might have noticed already, but we have a new blog. It's open sourced on GitHub to collaborate with the community. Feel free to open issues for any feedback.

We'll be posting about anything related to Codewars, including new features, improvements, and will ask for your help when needed. We're also considering guest posts by users to share their experience in the future.

New languages

We've added support for the following languages: Prolog, CFML, COBOL, Lean, Haxe, CommonLisp, Perl, Raku, and Pascal.

Most of them are still in the beta stage, and contributions in the form of new kata or translations will be very helpful. Many of the existing languages were also updated to newer versions. More details will be provided in a dedicated post.

Many thanks to all users who provided their support on setting up the code runner and created new content for introduced languages!

Refactoring and performance improvements

As mentioned above, we've been mostly focused on technical debut issues for the past few years. We're relieved that most of the critical issues have been resolved and the site's performance has improved significantly. In short, it's now at least 10 times faster on average compared to 2018 with less servers and much more traffic. Thank you for your patience and support if you had experienced the worst days and stayed with us.

Community moderation team

The Codewars community needed moderation for a long time, but it was difficult because we only have one developer/admin. We wanted to delegate various tasks to a team of trusted users, but all the technical debt issues got in the way...

We're excited to introduce the community moderation team! They have access to a variety of tools to manage content, handle problematic users, support users, and perform other moderation tasks.

More information on the moderation team will be provided in a dedicated announcement.


We've been working on the new documentation site to replace the old wiki.

The new docs is open source and maintained by the community moderation team. You're encouraged to participate by writing new articles, reviewing drafts, suggesting improvements, or fixing any issues.

More information on documentation will be provided in a dedicated announcement. Any contribution is welcomed!

Plans for 2021

In 2021, we plan to work on further improvements to the platform, expanding moderation tools, and creating more articles for the documentation. We'd like to bring Codewars community closer together and improve communication with the community, so we'll keep you updated.

We hope you enjoy these updates! We are continually working to improve the platform, so thank you for your patience and continued use of Codewars.